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Here at Escorts Town, we respect your privacy.


Outlined here is our privacy policy. This privacy policy applies to all of our users, both those who browse the site and users who have registered with our website. Please refer to our privacy policy for any questions on how we collect and use our user's data.


Please note that by continuing to use our site you are verifying you have read and agree with our privacy policy. Please check any updates to this policy as you continue to use our site. Thank you for your patronage.





Note that 'Our Site', 'we', 'our' refers to the Escorts Town website and company in this agreement. 'You', 'your', 'yours' refers to any person, business, organization or any other entity viewing our site. 'Agreement' refers to the agreement to the terms outlined in this policy.


Users who sign up as advertisers are then considered advertisers and not users. The way in which Escorts Town monitors and gathers data for advertisers does not fall under this general privacy policy, but one specifically designed for advertisers alone.


This Privacy Policy describes our use of the information that is collected as users navigate our website, or sign up for any of our services.


Changes To This Policy


Escorts Town reserves the right to change or expand any of this privacy policy. Escorts Town will do its best to notify users of any updates to this policy, but users should frequently check for any modifications and updates to the policy. Please note the date of the last update of this Policy, which appears at the beginning of this document. If you're uncertain if that date is the most recent, then just refresh your browser. If the date does not change then you can be sure the date listed reflects the most recent privacy policy for Escorts Town.


Personal Information Collected


As users navigate and use our website and services, any information gathered will be limited to your information that is collected at registration, your cookies, your computer's IP Addresses, and any voluntary information you provide through your posts and general usage of the website.


Collecting Information and Data From Our Users


Passive Collection – Escorts Town uses cookies, information stored by your web browser, to collect information about our users. Our use of cookies allows us to better understand who has seen which pages of the website, as well as which advertisements. This helps us to gauge the overall usage of the site, and to improve the website. Users can choose to disable cookies while using our website, but keep in mind some of the site's features may not work properly without cookies enabled.


Active Collection – In addition to collecting cookies, Escorts Town collects information during the process of registration, during user interaction within the website and including any and all voluntary information. Voluntary information includes advertisement preparation and process of submission.


Users who simply browse are not required to go through any process wherein Escorts Town gathers personal data. However, general data is always being monitored, such as the site that led a user to our site (referring site), IP address and cookies mentioned above.


Using User's Data


The first use for any data collected from our users is to provide users with our website's services. We will use your data to customize our services to create a better user experience on Escorts Town, to support our users and to help prevent any fraudulent activity, harassment and spamming.


Any data collected passively, as with cookies, is used in order to either customize our marketing efforts or to customize the use of our website for a group of its users Information gathered from users may be used to help these individuals to complete the registration process, in promotional emails, and for research and marketing purposes.


Legal Exceptions


It is our policy not to use data from our users or share information about users in ways unrelated to those described in this policy. However, we may disclose information in exceptional cases. The reasons may include: to comply with any and all law enforcement, legal action and government requests for information, as well as in compliance with laws such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.


Users must be 18 years of age or older to access this site in the United Kingdom, and 21 years of age in the United States. By accepting our privacy policy, you signify that if you are found violating this condition, we will terminate your account immediately and cooperate with any authorities deemed necessary.


Receiving Emails From Escorts Town


Escorts Town reserves the right to send promotional emails and messages to users.

Your use of the site and its services denotes your understanding and consent that unsolicited commercial email sent from us or our affiliates is in accordance with the law, and our policy.


While we maintain this right, you may wish to know that we currently do not have plans for sending out promotional emails. We have not designed or integrated any email capturing on our site to do so. This is something that we reserve the right to do at any point in the future though.


By providing your information to us, a commercial relationship is formed. And while we aren't promoting anything through email except for from advertisers and voluntary users as clearly defined in the terms, you are acknowledging we reserve the right to do so. You also acknowledge by using our site that any email you may receive from us cannot be classified as SPAM.


Public Forums & Third-party Sites


Escorts Town Escort Directory makes all posted reviews available to its users. Please remember that any information disclosed either in the review section, or on the message boards, becomes public.


Our sites may contain links to other third-party websites. This links are for advertisement purposes. Escorts Town is not responsible for the privacy policies, website content or lawfulness of the linking third-party sites.


All advertiser links and content contained in this website are provided to Escorts Town by individuals as paid advertisements. Access to these websites is the sole responsibility of the individual users. Escorts Town assumes no responsibility and we cannot be held liable for any claims or content arising from advertiser's ads.


By following these ads and agreeing to this privacy policy, you are acknowledging that these sites will have differing policies and procedures. If you choose to go to a third-party website from Escorts Town, we advise that you read and understand their site's privacy policies and terms of condition. If you decide to access a third party's site, we advise you to read and comprehend the website's privacy policies and data collecting procedures.


Your Data Security


We do our best to protect our user's sensitive information. However, due to the nature of third-party hacking attacks, we cannot guarantee that our security is 100% safe 100% of the time no matter how effective our security measures may be. By using our site you assume the risk that this may occur irrespective of our up-to-date security measures and attempts to prevent it from happening.


Further, we do not provide user information to third parties. Escorts Town will not sell, rent, or give any information to other companies.


You will likely find advertising links on our site in the form of banners or text links. You acknowledge that we have no control or liability over the security or use of information on third party sites. If you navigate to a third party site, we strongly encourage you to read and understand the privacy policy and terms of service on that site. We cannot control or be held liable for the actions taken by other sites.


Contact Us About Our Privacy Policy


We take the privacy rights of all users of this site very seriously. We seek to ensure the highest standards of compliance with UK and United States Data Protection Laws and Regulations.


If you do not agree to this policy, please refrain from using our site. Your continued use of the Escorts Town Escort Directory site following the any changes made to this policy indicates that you have accepted our updates.


If you have questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us directly.




Escorts Town provides an advertising source for independent members. Escorts Town is not liable for any agreements made between members and plays no role in or has knowledge of how a member's business is ran. All members are of legal age for their respective countries. Escorts Town takes safety and legal compliance seriously and will comply with and cooperate with any authorities for any suspected underage or otherwise illegal activity.

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